About 100 guests enjoyed the exhibition match on Opening Day, September 6, 2003

We were pleased to host Harrison Kruse's 13th birthday party.  Harrison and his buddies play out of the Aspen Tennis Club in Des Moines, IA.  Note the linen jacket Harrison is wearing (ala Roger Federer), the appropriate tennis whites and the "woodies."  These guys really know how to party!

Cooper, an English Cocker, and Ellie, a Field Spaniel, are the offical dogs of the AILTC.  Please leave your dogs at home when visiting the AILTC.

Carol Raddatz from Watertown, WI was one of our first guests.  She and her husband, Keith, presented us with a lovely scrapbook that is on display in the "Royal Box" at the AILTC.

Grandson Rylan, nicknamed "The Rocket", loves all kinds of balls and throws left handed. Maybe he will become the next Rod Laver.

The next generation of Kuhn family tennis players is on the way!  Shown from left to right are Mason & Lori and their son Tristan, and Melissa & Alex and their son Rylan.

Personalized souvenir pickets are available.
"Old Glory", the flag of the state of Iowa, and the AILTC club flag fly every day in season.  During the Championships at Wimbledon and on other special occasions we also fly the "Union Jack".

The Charles City YMCA youth tennis league enjoys hitting at the AILTC every year.

Grandson Rylan and Cooper both enjoy retrieving balls

Yes, we do serve homegrown strawberries & cream in season!

Mark is pictured with Ed Brown, his lifelong doubles partner and friend from Overland Park, KS

Kuhn family fun on Labor Day weekend, 2007


Mark & Denise Kuhn welcome you!